Winter Tales




Giulia Gensini’s work is half poster, half diary, and in my opinion her appeal lies within this combination of her graphic designer self and her personal self. She is trained professionally in advertising, she knows the rules of effective design for communication but her artwork suggests something entirely different: a poetic quality in the style of Anna Sexton. Although she uses the technique of a collage and thus the first notable reference is to a traditional art form, standing in front of her work leads me to think about poetry. And it’s not just in the way that these works appear to be in some way an expressive confession. The chance to read also into the few empty spaces between the images and clippings imitates the rhythm of some poetry with its broken pauses and outburst of storytelling. Certainly there is also the body, female, and it is really a body whose elements have been taken from commercialization without however aiming at making a direct, proclaimed statement but rather at the sense of confusion the recomposed images cause the observer to feel. Gensini’s work recalls the personal diary of a young girl, and it brings to mind the clutter at the bottom of her purse. It is clever art, contemporary, that comes from life, not without emotion. Paper with blood and bones

Letizia Muratori